HOUSE TOUR! YouTuber Mungai Eve Shows off her New Maisonette House

The famous content creator Mungai Eve has left many Kenyans mind-blown after she showed her fans the new house that she is planning to move with her boyfriend Trevor.

Mungai has come a long way from dropping out of campus to becoming a young millionaire in Kenya. With an impressive 1-year career as a YouTuber, the 21-year-old has already achieved a lot. Her fame is retraced back from the time she started the YouTube channel that has got her to rent the most spectacular house in Kileleshwa.

In the video she shared on her YouTube channel, Mungai told her fans that the previous house had a limited space and was far from the town and they wanted a house that would accommodate all their belongings and offer sufficient space that will enable her to carry out the interviews.

Inside Mungai Eve New house

Starting from the entrance, the house has a visitor’s washroom right at the main door that will enable her visitors to relieve themselves whenever need arises. The house has two spacious bedrooms consisting of a servant’s quarter room that includes a bathroom and an inbuilt closet that extends through the wall.

The biggest of all is the sitting room that stretches up to the balcony separated by a glass wall. The balcony overlooks the suburb Westlands and also is in apposition that allows one to see the beautiful aerial view of Nairobi.

The house has a big capacity kitchen that has an inbuilt cooker and washing sinks. In a statement, Mungai Eve wanted a house that has a big sitting room, medium dining area, and a modern kitchen without the inbuilt cooker and oven, but she is still satisfied with the one she got in Kileleshwa.

Mungai hasn’t moved in or decorated the house yet, because she still lives in an undisclosed place far from Nairobi town.

Here are the photos of the house that Mungai and Boyfriend Trevor will move in later this year.